How we collaborate

I haven’t had a chance to write much over the last few months because we’ve been crazy busy with the product. The company has gone from 4 people down to 1 back to 5 now. It has been an interesting journey. More importantly, since 4 of those people are located outside of the United states, it becomes all the more interesting to manage.

— We use for a lot of things included our hosted subversion, trac and they have a dead simple scrum app that we have fallen in love with. Each team member fills that up daily to outline the tasks for the day, the tasks they hope to do tomorrow and the problems they are facing. I review it each day and provide feedback and solve problems. It takes no more than 5 minutes to fill. Assembla also has a chat tool like 37signal’s campfire.

—  We use yahoo voice for phone conferencing every day with me and each team member that lasts less than 15 minutes where discuss progress, plans and issues. Yahoo voice uses dialpad’s technology and has better quality than skype even though it gets a little more expensive.

— We use zoho meeting for web conferencing – works great.

— We don’t use email too much, it is not a good communication tool if your team is not in the same timezone.

— All the 5 team members are developers with me also serving as the lead tech architect, CTO and CEO and my co-founder who is also in a very different timezone serving as the lead UI designer and COO.

That’s all the tools we need to collaborate well.


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