Top 5 ways to increase productivity in your startup

There are a lot of interesting ideas in the blogosphere for this – here’s an assimilation of the top 5 that have worked for us:

1) Check email only twice a day at set times say 11 am and 4 pm. Close your email client at other times and turn off all email notifications. Have a set time you spend on email – say 30 min each time and encourage people to call you if they need something urgent.

2) Reduce meetings – only hold meetings when absolutely necessary. Meetings take people away from their thought process and make it more difficult for people to come back to it.

3) Don’t keep a schedule – from Marc Andreessen’s excellent post on productivity. work on whatever is most important or most interesting, at any time. Want to spend all day writing a research report? Do it! Want to spend all day coding? Do it! Read this post for sure.

4) Take out all the small things that pull away your time. Read this post for 50 ways to increase productivity for quite a few good ideas on how to save time from small things.

5) Use some of these free applications to help you increase your productivity. Note: we don’t advocate all of them, use them and see how they work for you.

There you go … start now.


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