Top 10 tips to manage an offshore project

In no order of preference, but all of these are necessary for the success of any offshore web project.

1) Create clear and detailed requirements – Make sure you outline every single detail down to the smallest error or success message language.

2) Create a plan with milestones and checkpoints every week – Do not leave a project hanging for 10 weeks only to discover that not much has been done. Create clear milestones every single week.

3) Get someone who understands the language and culture of the country or region you are offshoring to.

4) Email and chat communication is not as effective as phone communication.

5) Ask for confirmation at each step. Example: Once you’ve explained something, ask for confirmation that they have understood it clearly.

6) Start with a small project before you use them for larger projects to test the waters out.

7) Make sure your offshore team can communicate well. If not, get a different team because you will have severe problems down the line.

8) Establish clear channels of communication with your team, set regular meetings and be available to your team.
9) Recognize extraordinary individuals quickly and have them lead the project

10) Spend some time understanding the culture of the place you are offshoring to.


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